Gateways SS7 Sangoma Vega

Vega Gateways: Stay Connected

The award-winning Lync tested and qualified Vega series is the most resilient and fault tolerant gateways in their class. Get connected. Stay connected.

Implementing a Vega Gateway is an ideal addition to your business continuity plans.

In spite of external network failures, you can stay connected with a Vega Gateway. It has industry leading resiliency and fault tolerance built right in.

  • Enterprises take advantage of wide ranging benefits of next generation VoIP technology, like reduced telephony charges and transition costs by seamlessly integrating existing premise equipment with a Vega gateway from Sangoma.
  • Service Providers Sangoma Vega gateways help you introduce new products and revenue streams and reduce your costs.

  • IP-to-TDM stand-alone gateway devices from Sangoma effectively bridge disparate technologies easily and cost-effectively.

    Vega Gateway Highlights:

  • Industry-leading Resiliency Built-In
    • Bypass – Creates physical links between devices connected to the gateway in the event that power to the gateway is lost
    • Failover/Fallback – Advanced dialplan capabilities that can select a route based on real-time network conditions
    • Sangoma Network Appliance Provisioning (SNAP) makes it easy to deploy with a wide range of service providers
  • Voice traffic prioritization
  • Interoperable with a growing list of SIP Trunking providers
  • Lync tested and qualified

  • Vega series gateways support ISDN BRI and PRI, FXS, FXO, and E1/T1 line codes and protocols for installations ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. Easily deployed as Service Provider CPE, the Vega series appliances feature auto-detection and simple configuration. The Vega series also includes models for multi-tenant applications using legacy telephone wiring and systems.