W400 GSM Card

GSM Card for Voice and SMS

Choose the W400 card to add GSM voice connectivity and SMS capabilities to IP-PBX applications.

  • Assign PBX extensions and forward calls to mobile devices
  • Send SMS messages over the GSM network
  • Convenient access to SIM cards on card
    IP-PBX users will be able to reach mobile phone users on the cellular network, established as mobile-to-mobile calls. Assign PBX extensions and forward calls to mobile devices, which will greatly reduce operating costs.

    The W400 also offers the possibility to send SMS messages over the GSM network, enhancing the IP-PBX to act as an SMS gateway. For added flexibility, SMS messages can be sent while a voice conversation is active on the GSM port.

    The W400 has a unique design that allows access to SIM cards directly from the front of the card. This added flexibility removes the need to open up computer systems to access SIM cards.


    W400 Rigid Antenna
    SKU: SPEC-TG090113

    W400 Flexible Antenna
    SKU: SPEC-GSA8821