Digium Switchvox 470

Users: 600
Concurrent Calls: 150
Call Recordings: 40
Conference Participants: 50
Redundant Hard Drives: Yes, SSD
Power Supply: Dual 350w
Telephony Card Slots: 2 PCI-Ex
Compatible Telephony Cards (Echo cancellation included): 1TE133F , 1TE235BF , 1TE435BF , 1TE820BF, 1A4B01F , 1A8B01F , 1AEX2400ELF

Switchvox, built on Asterisk, is Digium's Unified Communications (UC) solution for SMBs. Each Switchvox UC system supports VoIP and traditional calling while also incorporating many key features to enable your business communications. Switchvox is easily provisioned with a GUI that allows you to configure multiple users and setup your entire system quickly.
Switchvox 470 is ideal for large businesses that want the highest performance, highly redundant, full-featured rackmount PBX.