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VTech ErisBusinessSystem® 4-Line Office Phones

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VTech ErisBusinessSystem has it all.


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VTech ErisBusinessSystem


A cost-effective solution

ErisBusinessSystem is one of the most affordable 4-line office phone systems on the market today. It comes with all the features you'll find in a traditional PBX (public branch exchange) but on a smaller scale—and at a fraction of the cost.


Easy installation and setup

Setting up ErisBusinessSystem really is as easy as 1-2-3. Just connect your Ethernet cable and up to four telephone lines to the main console. Connect your desksets to your Ethernet network and then register your wireless accessories—handsets and headsets. No professional assistance required.*

* If an active Ethernet network does not exist, a router (not included) will be needed to connect the console with the desksets.


Grows with you

Get up and running right away with just the main console. As your business grows, add extension desksets—up to 15 total—and compatible cordless accessories.


Cordless freedom

Stay plugged in, even away from your desk. An accessory cordless handset lets you keep working while you're on the move in your office. For hands-free mobility, add a VTech IS6100 accessory cordless headset to the system.


Keeps you connected, 24/7

With a built-in auto attendant, you'll never miss a message again. Customize call handing during office hours and after, making sure callers are automatically routed to the right extensions and always feel like a priority.


Peace of mind, all the time

When you choose VTech for your business, you're buying more than a phone system. You're partnering with the #1 manufacturer of cordless phones in the world, with over 20 years of experience and 41 million handsets shipped. Plus, you'll enjoy the reliability that comes with an industry-leading, standard two-year warranty.

Full of features

Transform your office with a system that has it all.


5-party conferencing

Let more people in on the conversation—up to five, including you, two external lines and two other stations in the system.


Full-duplex speakerphone

Finally, a speakerphone that can keep up with your calls. Increase participation by allowing parties on both ends to speak and be heard—at the same time—for conversations that are more true to life.


Auto attendant

Program the system to answer outside calls, provide callers with a company directory, automatically forward calls to specific extensions and let callers record voice messages when there's no answer—any time of the day or night.


Digital answering system

Never miss a call with up to 60 minutes of recording time for incoming messages and memos on the main console and 20 minutes on each deskset.**

** Recording time depends on individual message characteristics.


Two-way call recording

Need to review important details from a phone call? Two-way call recording lets you capture both sides of the conversation.


Call transfer

Keep business moving by transferring calls to other stations in the system, right away.


Speed dials

Program up to 32 phone numbers for easy one-and two-touch dialing (16 one-touch, 16 two-touch).


Line groups

Keep everyone in a department in the loop with line groups. Assign specific telephone lines to groups of stations, ensuring someone’s always available to answer a call.