Vega Enterprise SBC for the SMB

Vega Enterprise SBC for the Small Business: Your Firewall for VoIP Networks

  • Supports 5-60 simultaneous sessions/calls
  • Migrate to SIP trunking or Hosted PBX securely
  • Empower remote workers
  • Interoperates with all major IP PBXs and UC systems, Including Asterisk®, BroadSoft®, Cisco®, Denwa®, Elastix®, FreePBX®, FreeSWITCH®, Gamma®, Lync®, Samsung®, 3CX® and more
  • DoS/DDoS attack protection
  • Network interconnect point for SIP trunking
  • Topology hiding for fraud protection
  • Hardware based transcoding factory optional

    VoIP has many benefits. Security is not one of them—you need an SBC.

    Unified Communications and pure IP-based phone systems, whether installed at your office or hosted “in the cloud”, can greatly reduce infrastructure and toll costs and create flexible working environments that were almost unimaginable even a decade ago. These are all great reasons to make the move away from the plain old telephone network.

    You wouldn’t put your data network
    on the internet without a firewall—
    why would you expose your
    voice network without a Session
    Border Controller?

    Enterprise Session Border Controllers (eSBCs) sit at the edge of your company’s network and do the heavy lifting for VoIP phone calls that your firewall isn’t designed to do. Hide important voice network information, protect your company network from malicious attacks—that can cause your telephone bill to skyrocket or become susceptible for hackers to breach your system and take down the network. Sangoma session border controllers offer affordable protection for small business that most integrators can configure and provision easily.

    Protection from Enterprise Security Threats:

    Denial of services
    Call/registration overload
    Malformed messages (fuzzing)
    Configuration errors
    Mis-configured devices
    Operator and application errors
    Theft of service / Fraud
    Unauthorized users
    Unauthorized media types
    Smartphones running unauthorized apps
    Viruses and malware attacking your VoIP network

    You deserve a Sangoma SBC—for safe and affordable protection when you go SIP.