Powerful Function. One Solution.

SR-S6000 functions as a scalable and flexible solution for IP-based networks designed to provide Value Added Services (VAS) to retail customers. Internet Service Providers and Local Exchange Carriers need stable IP services to be delivered to their end users in one powerful product. SR-S6000 is the optimal choice, combining two modules: a Transit Traffic Module (Class 4) and a Value Added Services module (Class 5), allowing providers to select from a combination of Class 4 and Class 5 licensing models.

SR-S6000 provides valuable services for telecom operators in the retail market by:

  • Integrating both fixed & mobile technologies allowing IP services to be adapted to the complexities of modern telecom traffic
  • Deploying a distributed corporate IP-based solution
  • Providing a flexible VoIP delivery engine, one for all access networks and service types
  • Allowing providers to offer their own OTT-like service

    Multifunctional VoIP Application Platform

    Offers a Broad Range of VAS and Seamless Integration into any Network Infrastructure

  • Premier solution when interconnection with another carrier is needed
  • Supports VoIP protocols SIP, H.323; two-way conversion
  • Supports SIP-T/I, ETSI ISUP (SIGTRAN), and MGCP for interconnection with SS7 networks
  • Transcoding between all popular media codecs
  • Operates as a gatekeeper / SIP registrar
  • Supports DTMF transfer
  • Authorization and authentication
  • Integration with external billing and routing systems