Prevents Hacking. Protects Revenue.

SR-P7000 is a software solution designed to detect unauthorized traffic from IP-PBX and softswitches. The SR-P7000 protects a carrier's network profits from illegal activity and avoids conflicts due to billing changes for high rate calls.

SR-P7000 is developed to:

  • Protect carrier losses due to client PBX hacking
  • Identifies complex PBX fraud scenarios
  • Increases revenue and customer satisfaction
  • Optimized for ITSP: VoIP resellers & Enterprises Using PBXs

    Monitors Multiple Fraud Scenarios Including:

  • Long distance calls
  • Local blacklist: system administrator can edit this list
  • Local whitelist: customers with no restrictions; system administator can edit this list
  • Suspected auto-dialed calls
  • Calls based on time of day and days of week rules