LifeSize 220s, including LifeSize Room 220, LifeSize Room 220i, LifeSize Team 220 and LifeSize Express 220, offer a complete line of full HD video conferencing systems.

With scalable options that bring a high quality, user-friendly experience to individuals and organizations alike, the 220s have provided millions of users a compelling video communication experience that gets them connected so they can get work done.


High Quality HD Experience

All LifeSize 220 video conferencing equipment feature high resolution, superior motion handling and low latency. What does that mean? Simply that the video image is so lifelike and the audio is so crisp, it will feel like everyone is in the same room. How do we do it? LifeSize pioneered HD video communication and we've never stopped innovating. Delivering a natural, realistic interaction drives collaboration and productivity. The 220s do it like no other. It's no surprise they continue to be the most desired solutions in the market today.


Intuitive to Use

The LifeSize 220 products were designed to be simple and remarkably intuitive. Their ease of use is unparalleled accelerating internal adoption and delivering superior ROI. When employees see colleagues breaking down communications barriers and completing tasks sooner, they are motivated to mimic the behavior. This increased collaboration can only mean good things for your business.



All LifeSize 220 products are interoperable with Microsoft® Lync®, thus delivering greater value for both investments.



As a relentless innovator, LifeSize continues to drive HD video conferencing systems into the mainstream. From the conference room to the personal office to tablets and smartphones, our offerings provide superlative value and more savings throughout their product life cycles. Video calls are the new norm and LifeSize 220s are at the heart of it all providing a superior form of interpersonal business communication.